How to Submit to The Highscore

This is a guide that will teach you step-by-step how to submit to The Highscore. Follow these steps and we guarantee we will read and review your article.

  1. We are seeking comedic articles related to gaming. This can be anything from news related to gaming, opinions on games, and “true” stories that relate to gaming.
  2. When it comes to word count we are looking for articles that are 300–500 words. Don’t fret if you are a bit over on the word count just make sure that the sentence that puts you over the word count is INCREDIBLE.
  3. Be sure to submit a photo with your article. To find a photo without causing any legal issues use free use sites such as Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, Kaboompics etc. On Pexels in the top right you will see a setting titled, “Orientation”, make sure to change this to horizontal. (This option will be similar with other sites). Then search for whatever image fits your article best. Once you’ve placed the photo into your article cite your sources. For example, if I got a photo from Pexels, I would include the author of the photo and the website name:

If you’d like to photoshop your own image that is completely fine with us as well as long as you make sure to include it within the submission. Of course pictures that you take are welcome as well.

4. You’ve now wrote your article and are ready to submit, so where do you submit? Great question, send your story as a medium draft link to

Thanks for taking the time to read the submission guidelines. Now go write the best article in the entire world.

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