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San Mateo, CA — PlayStation announces revised “Playstation Plus Free Monthly Games” program. Gamers who subscribed to the online service used to receive 2–3 free games a month without doing anything other than paying the monthly fee for PlayStation’s online services. Now gamers must go the extra mile to play Sony’s most popular games for free. If you want access to those handful of games each month, you have to do some sort of hard labor for at least 8 hours at any one of Sony’s new office buildings that are being built from the ground up.

We went to…

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Kanto Region - Most people eventually move out of their hometown and live on their own to start the next chapter in life. For 25 year old Ash Ketchum he left the only town he knew so he could “get some ass”.

We found Ash in The Viridian Forest and we asked him why he was out in the wilderness all by himself. He said “I was sick of that stupid Pallet Town. There were no hot chicks. I mean there was one hot chick, and it was my mom… but she started getting old and way less hot”. “There…

Once she put it that way, I knew I should start filing the papers immediately.

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My wife and I have been going through a bit of a rough patch. She broke my LG OLED Television with a hammer because I was “playing Fortnite for 48 hours straight”. In retaliation, I put peanut butter in her foundation makeup because she is allergic to peanut butter. (It was pretty funny, but she said that this was borderline attempted murder LOL). Apparently, this was the last straw so we decided to go to couples counseling.

As soon as we walked in the door…

Sometimes you drink so much lava you don’t even realize it’s taking a toll on your health.

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1. You have constant headaches

Just like anything consumed in large quantities, lava can cause headaches when you’re not giving your body what it’s used to intaking. After a couple of hours without lava, your body longs for a fix, which causes stress that leads to headaches. Cut back on your lava consumption to potentially get rid of these symptoms.

2. You’re having trouble sleeping

Although you’re tired, it’s still very difficult for you to fall asleep at night. You’re too hot no matter what your thermostat is set at or how many fans are blowing on you. It feels like your insides are literally burning.

3. You’re constantly dehydrated

You’re drinking a ton…

Your child might be gaming a little too often.

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NEW YORK — Researchers at Columbia have found ground breaking data that examines how video games can be more dangerous for our kids than we thought. In the last few years video games have been under scrutiny for making children inherently violent, but new studies show that it can make your kid much more than that.

A new popular category in video games called “Battle Royale” not only encourages gamers to kill other players, but it encourages them to kill ALL the other players. Games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty…

This dangerous kid, is now a dangerous adult.

Both Brian’s Wii Remote and gun without safety

Dallas, TX — They always say “if you live life on the edge as a kid, you’ll always live life on the edge as an adult” and that is exactly the case for 37 year old Brian Maldore. Brian grew up playing video games just like many kids in America. When he was younger he says that he would “never used that stupid ass Wii remote strap”. …

This is a guide that will teach you step-by-step how to submit to The Highscore. Follow these steps and we guarantee we will read and review your article.

  1. We are seeking comedic articles related to gaming. This can be anything from news related to gaming, opinions on games, and “true” stories that relate to gaming.
  2. When it comes to word count we are looking for articles that are 300–500 words. Don’t fret if you are a bit over on the word count just make sure that the sentence that puts you over the word count is INCREDIBLE.
  3. Be sure to…

My therapist didn’t know shit, but Barstool knows everything.

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At first I was opposed to therapy for several reasons. One reason I wasn’t exactly ecstatic to start therapy is because everyone in my life was telling me that I needed to go. When you have 27 people telling you that you absolutely must do something, you’re most likely going to reject the idea. Eventually I caved in and I went. It was fine for the first couple of sessions. She asked all about my life, but as she got to know more about me it seemed like she was asking…

Grab a pen and make a T-chart. Find out who your grandpa really is.

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First, make a T-chart. Label the top-left header “War Hero” and the top-right header “War Criminal.”

Now, think long and hard about all the stories your grandpa has told you about the war, and his mannerisms when he tells them.

Question #1: When you ask your grandpa about the war does he talk a ton, or does he literally say nothing at all and just get all nervous and sweaty?

Criminal or Hero? If he talks a ton then he is able to communicate with others clearly and probably gave great war commands that likely saved many of his comrades…

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